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  1. Spencer Rubin, the founder and CEO of Melt Shop, talks about the path he followed to create a career in the restaurant business.
  2. Scaling to a million-dollar business requires smart instincts and some humility.
  3. Create compelling presentations, decks, and more without breaking the bank on licensing fees.
  4. And he doesn't just want to stop at marijuana.
  5. Don't be fearful. Just give choices.

Go Mobile


Did you know that 40% of your customers are using their mobile devices to search for local companies? 

It’s not just a trend…it’s the way that more and more customers will find local companies. FreshFace Designs has a proprietary technology that enables any company to cost-effectively go mobile without having to revamp their current site! With intuitive "app-like" mobile features, your site will be fully compatible on 13,000 different mobile devices!

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